Developer Chosen for Greer Stadium Project

Greer Stadium as it sat empty last September. The ballpark has been heavily vandalized since the Nashville Sounds moved to First Tennessee Park in 2015.

Nashville Metro City Council has chosen a developer to repurpose the old Greer Stadium site. Cloud Hill Partnership, a group that includes music producer T. Bone Burnett, beat out proposals from four other groups who sought to lead the redevelopment project of the former ballpark.

Since the Nashville Sounds (AAA; Pacific Coast League; Oakland Athletics) moved to First Tennessee Park at the end of the 2014 season, the stadium has been heavily vandalized, thus making a renovation of the park almost impossible. The 21-acre site’s bustling location prompted city officials to issue requests for redevelopment of the location earlier this year. Cloud Hill Partnership’s plan proposes development of creative spaces for artists. It also details building 300 affordable, market rate, workforce housing; retail space; and an 8-acre park space.

The proposal also calls for a unique use of the current area of the field within the stadium, a sort of “green lawn” space for recreational sports fields. More on that from The Tennessean:

Their proposal calls for a “great lawn” with recreational baseball and soccer fields where the dilapidated stadium currently sits, along with other smaller “neighborhood-scale” open spaces. A “ledge meadow” would offer access to adjacent Fort Negley as well as biking and other outdoor activities.

Their concept seeks to activate Chestnut Street while embracing pedestrian connectivity for the surrounding Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood by creating paths through the Greer site.

Rather than proposing to buy the land, Cloud Hill Partnership wants a public-private deal with the city in which the two parties would share revenue created by the site. The development team would offer a $1 million payment to the city and also chip in $7 million in private dollars for infrastructure work.

Another interesting aspect of the plan is that while Greer Stadium itself would be demolished, the guitar-shaped scoreboard would remain intact. While originally gaining fame for its connection to the Music City, the scoreboard (seen below) received a massive upgrade when the new one was installed at First Tennessee Park.

Along with Burnett, Cloud Hill Partnership includes The Matthews Company president Bert Matthews and investor Tom Middleton. The proposal is still pending while negotiating with Mayor Megan Barry’s office.
Greer Stadium first opened in 1978, when the Sounds were a member of the Double-A Southern League. It also hosted the Nashville Xpress, the former Charlotte Knights Double-A team when it was moved out in favor of the current Triple-A International League iteration.


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